The Statue

The statue is inspired by the famous 1954 and 1969 portraits of the Queen by Pietro Annigoni. Her Majesty is shown in full Garter robes.

Above we can see:

  • the working drawings produced by James Butler. These were made prior to the modelling of the initial maquette in plaster. At this stage any modifications can be made to the initial concept.
  • The white plaster maquette. Through an ancient and complicated process, a mould is prepared by skilled technicians at the foundry. from which the version in bronze is made.
  • Next in this series of photographs shows the first bronze casting on display at London's famous  Royal Academy Summer Exhibition in Piccadilly, where it will be exhibited until August 2013.
  • Finally, specially produced virtual images give a clear picture of how a double life-size sculpture would appear within a recognisable urban context.

The statues will be cast in 100% bronze. They will be exactly the same as the maquette and will be available in three different sizes: Half life-size, Life-size and Double life-size and prices, which, naturally may vary with the cost of metal and casting, will range from between £20,000 to £200,000 for a full preparation of cast and finishing. Please contact us directly to learn more about the pricing structure and costs.

We would commission the statues on your behalf but you would be responsible for contacting the foundry direct to arrange all shipping and related issues.

If you wish to add additional information about Her Majesty’s relationship with your country, city or organisation, this would have to be on the plinth below the statue, which we can organise for you.